Harald Hardrada ‘The Last great Viking’

Known as the most coldblooded leader that the Viking world had ever seen. Harald Hardrada was a giant of a man renowned for his victories he had won as a mercenary in the elite Vangarian guard. His reputation for crushing enemies and his continuous warfare earned him the nickname ‘Hardrada’, (Hard Ruler).

Almost seen as god like, Norse sagas had said he once sailed to the end of the earth just to take a look over the edge.

Born in 1015, Harald ‘Hardrada’ Sigurdsson was the son of the Norwegian king, Sigurd the Sow. At the age of 15 Harald fought his first battle alongside his brother, Saint Olaf, It would also be here where he would witness his brother get hacked to death on the battlefield of Sticklestad.

We are told that he faked his own death to gain access within a fortified city in a coffin, only to jump out and tear down unsuspecting inhabitants with his axe, his men following swiftly afterwards ambushing the city and taking everything in their sight.
It is said during his final moments at the battle of Stamford Bridge in York, he tore off his chainmail armor in a berserk fury, hacking down numbers of Englishmen until he was finally taken down by an arrow which ripped through his throat in year 1066.

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