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Written by Advice Team on February 10, 2021

Shaving pubic hair can be a daunting task, especially knowing the best way to trim pubic hair or what tools to use for the job. It’s no easy task in the beginning but finding a routine that works for you, it’ll be easy to maintain pubic hair, simply and painlessly.

How To Shave Pubic Hair With An Electric Shaver


When it comes to shaving and the netherworld, it’s more about maintenance and keeping pubic hair trim and well-maintained. Not everyone wants to go bare and whether you’re looking to shave pubic hair for your partner or just to try something new, the Shavers team has answered the most popular questions.

How to shave pubic hair with electric razor

We wouldn’t recommend using the standard rotary or foil electric shaver you use to shave your face for pubic hair. It’s an intimate and sensitive area, with thinner skin and more natural contours that you need to navigate. Electric shavers are generally designed to move against the contours of your face and have larger surface areas and blades to accommodate.

Instead of using an electric razor or shaver, our team suggests looking at body groomers and trimmers. These are more like a beard trimmer with some having interchangeable comb heads depending on length. The Braun Grooming kit has multiple options, such as a nose trimmer, hair and beard trimmer heads, and a smaller, flatter head for trimming the groin.

For a more detailed look at grooming your pubic area, read our article on how to shave your balls

Is it normal for guys to shave their pubes?

Entirely! A lot of men do shave or trim their pubic hair these days and it’s more commonly known as ‘manscaping’. From pubic hair to stomach hair, chest hair and back hair, too, it’s all about using the right tools for hair removal – as well as ensuring you’re taking off measured amount all over your body. You don’t want to remove all of your stomach hair and leave a chest rug. Just like you wouldn’t remove all of your pubic hair and have a grizzly stomach. Make sure there’s at least a fade so everything joins naturally.

Can you use a foil shaver on your pubes?

We wouldn’t recommend picking up the foil electric shaver you use for a clean shave. For one, it’s not hygienic to use the same tools for your most intimate areas. Foil electric shavers are designed for a close shave and when it comes to removing pubic hair, you don’t want to go right to the skin – especially when you’ll be needing to pull it taut to remove the hair. Most foil electric shavers tend to have a large head and whilst that might seem appealing to get the job done quicker, patience and taking your time is important.

We’d recommend either a good pair of sharp hair scissors or a body trimmer such as the Remington All In One Grooming Kit. This will make it easier to maintain the same length if you’re not intending to go down to the skin and just taking a little off the top.

Disinfect any scissors before you use them around your pubic area and always cut the hair when it’s dry, so hairs don’t clump together. It’s much harder to trim, maintain length and take care of any detail when pubic hair is wet.

I’ve got a rash from shaving my pubes

Even if you’re being especially careful, there’s always the possibility of irritation. Whether that’s a shaving rash, razor bumps or an accidental cut. We’d recommend using a pre-shave oil to protect the skin from the razor. Always disinfect your tools to ensure that’s no bacteria on the blades too. If you’re finding yourself with razor bumps or ingrown hairs, you might be using an old, blunt blade. Always opt for a fresh disposable razor to shave the skin accompanied with shaving foam or gel.

Exfoliating once a week is recommended as hair grows back so it doesn’t curl back beneath the skin and cause an ingrown hair. If you did have an ingrown hair from shaving, don’t try to force the hair out. Wait for part of the hair to break through the skin, you’ll see it when it does and use tweezers to pluck the hair free.

How do I shave my balls?

We’ve covered this one off on our article ‘How to shave your balls’ but it’s all about taking your time and using the right tools. We tend to go for an electric hair trimmer to shorten the length of pubic hair. For those of that go to the skin, we use a pre-shave oil, shaving cream and a fresh disposable razor.

Do I need to shave my penis?

We’ve seen a lot of searches for a penis shaver recently, but it’s not necessary to remove any hair from your penis and it’s normal to have it too. It’s purely down to preference and a lot of men choose to trim the hair around the pubic area. If you choose to remove it, use a pre-shave oil to help the blade glide and not catch the skin. We’d recommend patch testing any products such as oil or hair removal creams on your skin, before using on your penis to avoid any potential skin irritation.

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